The CEO is appointed by and reports to the Board and supports it to fulfil the vision and mission of The Helping Hand. As CEO he has full responsibility for the management, professional & spiritual development of the organisation. At this level, spiritual maturity, initiative, judgement, analysis and creativity are required in situational analysis and decision making. The CEO is expected to operate within broadly stated objectives set by Board.

The CEO is expected to set his own standards of output and quality of work as guided by Christian principles and professional standards. The job normally covers many differing, often complex activities in the areas of: mainly, Christian outreach and work therapy for the rehabilitation of ex-offenders; and, personnel, finance, administration, sales, communication etc. He is expected to manage effectively all staff of the organization, ranging from key specialists to professional staff. The CEO must follow Christian principles and THH core values in performing these duties to meet the vision and mission.


His/her duties & responsibilities are summarised below:

1. Provide leadership to the organization and to plan, direct, control and coordinate its current and future activities and programs, within the policy guidelines of the Board;

2. Recommend and implement strategies, plans and budget to achieve the vision and mission of the organization subject to approval by the Board;

3. Manage and supervise management in the day-to-day Operational and Christian activities of the organization;

4. Manage the resources (such as finance, personnel, property, equipment and other assets) of the organization;

5. Develop, maintain and implement a system of proper monitoring and evaluation of the organization and its programs and services;

6. Assist the Board in its governance functions and accountability to the relevant authorities and support the Board with strategic information;

7. Represent and uphold the organization in its dealings with the various stakeholders of THH, relevant government and other related agencies and the media; and

8. Perform all other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time by the Board.


1. Born again Christian with a mature Christian Faith who is able to lead a Christian organization based on Christian Principles.

2. Strong leadership and Interpersonal skills to interact and engage with people at all level. Ability to build effective team, develop people and promote team spirit in the organization;

3. Degree in management or social work or other relevant qualifications is an advantage.

4. At least 3 years in a Senior Management Position in a VWO is preferred.

5. Direct experience in managing ex-offenders is preferred.

Please send in resume to Weena Tan at jobopportunity@thehelphand.org

Closing date for application is the 20th November 2019