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Churches play a vital part in helping our clients stay off their vices by providing them with the spiritual feeding and fellowship they need as they reintegrate back to society. We pray that more churches will come and support the work that we do. Please allow us an opportunity to come to your church to do a deputation and share about the ministry of The Helping Hand.


We are always in need of more companies to help provide jobs to our clients while they are still undergoing their programme or after they have completed their programme. We also hope that companies can adopt and support us in other ways by making us part of your Corporate Social Responsibility. Let us work hand-in-hand in giving our clients a second chance in life.


If you have anything to offer or any suggestions to help support our cause that we may have missed out, please feel free to contact us and tell us what you have got! We are keen to explore more options so as to reach out to the community in ways that will help our clients.

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