Pass-It-On is a non-profit project started by Central Singapore CDC and managed by The Helping Hand . The project seeks to provide a meaningful way to distribute unwanted, albeit useful items to benefit the needy (home appliances, home furniture, medical aids, mobility aids, learning aids & etc). With Pass-It-On, your used item can be given a new lease of life, and can also better the life of the needy!

Pass-It-On connects the general public to the needy via Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs). Pass-It-On provides a web platform by channelling the donated items to the needy under the VWOs (for examples, Family Service Centres and Senior Citizen Centres) care. Anyone, within Singapore, can donate, as long as the items are useful and in good working condition.

VWOs registered with Pass-It-On can request items on the “Wish List”. The general public can fulfil needy wishes by donating the requested items. Alternatively, they can post them on the Pass-It-On website. Donated items will be made available to all registered VWOs, who shall reserve the donated items if found suitable for their needy clients. VWOs shall arrange collection of the donated items directly with the donor.

Click here to register as a donor.

Pass-It-On is an online portal that makes giving easier. It matches what donors can offer with items that the needy community require. Kindly note that Pass-It-On does not take in any donated items and give them to the needy on behalf of donors.

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