Vincent Tan

After kicking a 30-year drug habit, this advocate with the Central Narcotics Bureau is sharing his experience to help the young make the right choice. Vincent had been struggling with drugs for 30 years. Today, he devotes his time to ensuring that others do not go down the same path as he did.

By the time he was about 15, Vincent had been abusing drugs at least once a day.

These included cannabis or marijuana and heroin that he and his friends pooled their money to buy. They would then consume these in a tree house in their kampong or the car parks at shopping malls.

Now a 62-year-old father of three grown-up children, Vincent recalls: “This was in the early 1970s and amidst the hippie counterculture period. I had started smoking, listening to rock music and drinking alcohol. Naturally, drugs came along as well. I enjoyed partying and getting high every weekend.

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Vincent Tan’s Story

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